Helping people in need – Charity fundraiser

Dr. Murphy has created a charity fundraiser for local people that need therapy and can not afford acupuncture and massage. The community can help by shopping at our created amazon page. All proceeds going to one of our local neighbors struggling with pain or opioids. Please help by saving our page as one of your favorite pages. Every time you would like to shop at Amazon, go through this site. Select our shopping options and amazon will provide the funds to help a local neighbor. To learn more check out Funds for Neighbors Acupuncture and massage have been long used for pain management and there are many different options for support in Denver, but few here. Our office receives phone calls from people that simply can not afford care, but are in intense pain. By setting up a charity fundraiser for people in pain, we can offer free services to people in most need. The office will provide 45 minute treatment sessions in a private setting. A charity for local people in pain for massage and acupuncture can help fill the void or people seeking treatments that can not afford it.