July 6, 2021

Funds for Neighbors

For the community & people in need.

Do you know of someone on the western slope that is struggling with pain and can not afford help?

Dr. Erin T. Murphy, DOM has set up a fundraiser account with Amazon to raise money for people that are dealing with pain or opioid addiction. By Shopping on The Local Healing House shop page, you can help contribute to the fund just by shopping. All money raised will go toward a person that needs 12 acupuncture / massage visits that either has no health insurance or limited health insurance.

How it works

Acupuncture and massage session cost over 200.00 on average. Most people are covered by insurance, medicare, or the VA. However, companies like medicare covers for acupuncture, but they do not pay acupuncturist. Medicaid can cover for acupuncture, but only if you live near Denver and can find a specialized company. This leaves many people struggling for help despite having a Medical Doctor’s prescription for acupuncture.

Our find will aim to raise $1,000 for each person that is qualified for care.

link: LocalHealingHouse.com and select the shop options

But, we need your help

When you make a purchase through Amazon on our shopping page, Amazon will provide a small portion to The Local Healing House. The money will be placed in a special savings account. Once we reach $1000 then we will contact our next person waiting for help.

It’s that simple. All we need is people who are already going to shop on-line to do so through our link. That link will provide the funds for a local person in need.

This is a fund to go 100% to someone living in our neighborhood.

In the future

If we are successful with this program we will attempt to make it a state wide fund and offer acupuncture and massage services throughout the state. However, we are not a 501 non-profit yet.

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