Holistic Massage Happy Hour!

Welcome to our Holistic Massage Happy Hour at the Local Healing House! I thought it would be a great idea to offer a Happy Hour style holistic massage to help our busy commuters and our towns hard workers! They deserve a break! Our community has been working very hard and its time to let our backs relax! Come in during our Happy Hour and receive a special price on our Holistic Massage Happy Hour.

Whats the deal here?

60 min massage for 65.00 on Wednesday and Thursday from 3PM to 7PM
Space is limited so please plan ahead and book in advanced. Booking on line is recommended or text Dr. Murphy at 970-987-2888

By appointment only and must book in advance Book now to reserve your space.

Why get a Holistic Massage?

How many of us are working hard and ignoring the constant pain in our back, leg, hip, or neck? It’s time to set up a massage to help ease the pain or simple ease stress. A holistic massage could impact your health and wellness and change your entire week. Many people are living with high stress levels and or in pain and they don’t realize it effects their behavior, reactions, and eating habits. Living with high stress can even alter the immune system. Partaking in a routine stress reduction program is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

A holistic approach incorporates and entire body experience to help reduce pain and stress. This is different from a medical service because medical treatments are often limited to one or two locations of the body and only focuses on the specific region. Our Holistic Massage Happy Hour will incorporate scalp, hand, and the feet during the massage.

It is important to come in because our bodies often “speak” to us and we often “ignore” our body. In other words, we stop thinking about what we need because we are focused on others. Take the time to put your self first.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions
email: office@localhealinghouse.com
cell phone: 970-978-2888

Holistic Happy Hour

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