May 4, 2016



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Most people these days are settling for treatments using acupuncture. There has been proof of numerous diseases getting treated through acupuncture. One of the ways acupuncture has been able to help people is by treating addiction.

Previously, the most common way of treating addiction to either alcohol or drugs was to gradually let the individual get off the addiction with smaller amounts. This method results into the addict getting a fever caused by withdrawal. Acupuncture is preferred since it enables one to get off the addiction by ensuring that the parts of the body that will be affected by the withdrawal do not feel the pressure. The process deals with maintaining the proper body temperature so that the withdrawal does not include risen body temperatures will in turn spike a fever.

The acupuncture process for addiction is done by accessing parts that are vulnerable to the specific kind of addiction via the ear. Needles are placed through the ear to enable the urges to be reduced without making the addict feel the intense withdrawal symptoms. The acupuncture specialists penetrate the neurons allowing the addict to be able to let go of their urges to whatever the are addicted to. This treatment can be used for drug, alcohol or other types of addictions

Furthermore, the acupuncture targets the dopamine levels in the brain, the part which most studies show is responsible for addiction to drugs. The dopamine in the brain is the pleasure part thus when the addict indulges in the addiction, the brain does not allow them to stop since they are experiencing pleasure. The acupuncture needles are able to stimulate the dopamine so that the brain will not interpret addiction as a source of pleasure. Once the addict goes through this process, they will be able to stay away from any drugs or alcohol, since their brain will automatically sense that these will not cause any sort of pleasure.

When certain parts of the body that experience the addiction are stimulated, they are able to release the energy into the body allowing you to feel pleasure which helps disconnect a particular addiction with pleasure.

When undergoing withdrawal through other means of combating addiction, the person usually goes through a process of several feelings like anger and aggressiveness. Acupuncture enables the addict to avoid these feelings since those feelings and moods are are responsible for most people quitting their traditional addition treatments. With acupuncture instead of having negative feelings, the person feels calm. This helps greatly towards stopping the addiction fully.


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