May 2, 2016

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massage therapy

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We are welcoming back the massage therapy program for monthly members and our members with insurance benefits.  Please check back for updated services and prices.

Massage Therapy

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Personalized Massage Selection  You can customize and build your own massage service that you enjoy the most. Select your most favorite massage techniques without worrying about being hassled for extra coinage. pick from any of the topics below and select 60 or 90 Minutes of Massage

Swedish Massage

Let your body soak into our relaxing hands, while the heat of neck wraps warm you body with a traditional massage that applies pressure to accommodate everyone. Find out more about Swedish massage.
50 Minutes or 90 Minutes.

Deep Tissue

Work out your muscular knots and relax your tendons to smooth out soreness. This massage is good for those who work out, have stress or just want a deeper touch. Find out more about deep tissue massage.
50 Minutes or 90 Minutes.

Pregnancy Massage

During Pregnancy, the body changes in many different ways. Help sooth sore muscles and swelling ankles with a pregnancy massage. This technique is performed in a side-laying position so there is no risk to the baby or the mother.
50 Minutes or 90 Minutes.

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cupping with massage therapy


Cupping is most often used to alleviate symptoms of the systemic disease and conditions such as asthma, arthritis, bronchitis and abdominal pain. Cupping is also used as a treatment for neuromuscular and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Cupping is also used to enhance a previous Acupuncture treatment or in conjunction with a bloodletting procedure.

You will feel restored energy and pain reduction after this ancient procedure.

Hot Oil Drip

This is the ultimate aromatherapy. First, an air diffuser is used to enhance the room. Then I select different oils to drip directly onto your body as I do a massage.
50 Minutes or 90 Minutes.

Information On Massage Therapy

According to a study completed by the American Massage Therapy Association, 52% of all massage clients have underlying medical concerns . This is a profound finding because it demonstrates how important massage therapy is to the betterment of one’s health. In fact, it is scientifically proven to make a legitimate difference and is something everyone should be pursuing. Massage therapy is more than a medical solution. It has some benefits. Let’s take a look at who should be going for a massage and should not along with understanding some of its main advantages.

Who Should Get Them?

A person with muscle aches (acute or chronic) should be considering massage therapy as a way to loosen things up and reduce the pain. A trained therapist will be able to assist with this using a customized technique based on your condition. Athletes should consider using massage therapy as a way to increase mobility and remain flexible. This can become a major difference maker for them on the field of play. A person who has postural concerns should be looking at getting a massage. It can remove some of the “kinks” in your posture.

Who Should Not Get Them?

It is automatically assumed a massage is a natural solution, so it is good for everyone. While indeed it is a natural solution and one that has been passed down for generations, it still does not work for everyone. For example, a patient on blood thinners should not be using massage therapy to reduce pain. Their circulation is already compromised due to blood pressure, and a massage might put excessive pressure on their body. A person with an infection should be avoiding a massage as well. If the client has a cold, it is recommended to stay home and avoid getting the massage at that point. It is putting the therapist at risk and won’t help the patient either. A person that is on a serious dose of painkillers should be avoiding this as well. The reason is simple; you don’t want to receive a massage when the pain receptors are not functioning in top gear. A massage therapist needs the patient to remain responsive, so they know how effective the treatment is.


What about the advantages of this therapy? It begins with the feeling of relaxation that is going to pour over you. There is something magical about lying down and being able to enjoy the moment. It is also an excellent way to remove the tension that has developed in your muscles. As you get older, this becomes a significant concern and mobility start to wane. You have to act quickly and get a massage to treat the matter head on. This is vital information on what massage therapy entails for those who are interested in learning more and want to get a gist of what they are getting into. It is a powerful technique, which remains just as valid as it was centuries ago.

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