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All About Swedish Massage And Some Of The Important Benefits

Swedish massage has been described as the most well-known and popular style of massage around the world. This style of massage includes the therapist using their hands, elbows and forearms in order to manipulate the muscles in order to improve physical and mental health. Swedish massage is derived from Per Henrik Ling a Swedish fencing instructor in the era of the 1830s.

When Per Henrik Ling injured his elbows he used percussion better known as tapping strokes around the injured area. He went onto develop the method that is currently called Swedish massage. This specific technique found its way to the U.S in the 1950s by two brothers by the name of Dr. George Taylor and Dr. Charles Taylor. The techniques used with this massage include applying gliding long strokes, kneading, friction and tapping or percussion movements applied to soft tissues on the body.

The Techniques Used In Swedish Massage


Effleurage involves the therapist using long and sweeping strokes that covers the whole body. Effleurage is used to begin the massage as well as end a massage session.


The technique involves kneading and squeezing the muscle tissues using the fingertips and the thumbs. This method works deeply into the muscles to assist with working out any “knots.”

•Percussion Stroke

This is a process that involves hacking, the therapist uses chopping motions on the muscles using the edges of each hand.

•Friction Technique

This method uses circular strokes or a set of shorter strokes that are used to generate heat. The technique is used on the lines of muscle fibers or used against these lines in order to break down adhesions that are present inside the muscle tissue.


The stretching technique involves the therapist manipulating areas such as the arms or the legs into different positions. This method involves increasing length that makes the muscles more ready for stretching.

The Benefits Of Swedish Massage

Unlike many of the drug therapies used today, that are typically associated with various systemic as well as unwanted side-effects, the art of massage therapy is regarded as safe with few or no contraindications. Below are the benefits associated with Swedish massage.

The Physical Benefits

•Stretching the connective tissues and loosening up tight muscles

•Loosening joints

•Decreasing fatigue in muscles and relieving muscle spasms and cramps

•Increasing the healing process from illnesses and injuries

•Firming up skin and muscle tone

•Relieving symptoms related to disorders like headaches, myofacial pain, arthritis, asthma and carpal tunnel syndrome

Emotional And Mental Benefits

•An increase in the capacity to concentrate

•Mental relaxation

•Improvement in sleep quality

•Relief from anxiety, irritations, depression and stress

When you feel run down or you are suffering from depression, the benefits of Swedish massage can offer you with a host of positive benefits. One of the main benefits of massage is that it can assist with a more peaceful and longer sleep at night. With the right amount of sleep, the mind can rest and the immune system is able to work on healing stressed and tired muscle tissues.

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