April 14, 2021

Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture

Microneedling and cosmetic acupuncture is officially called college induction therapy. This technique can help reduce age spots, wrinkles, lighten and lift the skin. This dramatic therapy offered at The Local Healing House is all natural and vegan friend based on ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

The Local Healing House offers the only holistic and vegan friendly alternative to invasive surgery for anti aging therapy in the grand valley. Dr. Erin Murphy will combine microneedling, acupuncture, and herbal therapy to address both the physical aspect of again and the internal mechanism. Feel good, look good, and have a better life.

What Makes the Local Healing House Unique?

With a unique background in Holistic Medicine and Acupuncture Medicine, Dr. Erin T. Murphy, DAOM can create a customized session based on a person’s individual needs using all natural products. Dr. Murphy blends several techniques also including cosmetic acupuncture, microneedling, body acupuncture, and hereby therapy to develop a personalize experience. Dr. Murphy, DAOM will craft a customized herbal formula to help the body address age related pain or physical injury. No other person in the grand vally from Grand Junction to Aspen can offer this unique experience, so, lets book that appointment.

How to perform Microneedling

Microneedling utilizes a “pen” that barely touches the surface of the skin while creating microscopic punctures. A specialized serum is then soaked into the skin after the microneedling process. Serum options include apple stem cell, collagen boost, elastic boost, and age spot correction. Microneedling technique can also stimulate hair growth for both men and woman.

How does it Work?

When people age, their level of collagen naturally decreases. When the device places the small puncture into the skin, the bodies natural reaction is to repair. By repairing the skin, the body added back collagen and other natural elements of healing. The process can be accelerated by adding specified serums derived by plants.

Call Dr. Murphy for a free consultation. The Local Healing House offers payment plans. Do you want to look good while feeing good? This is an easy step, but not everyone believes they can do it. Dr. Murphy will help you achieve your goals, therefore, you can do microneedling.

Photos taken by Josh N. from San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture the leading instructor in the United States for Microneedling.

Chrystal Quartz 

Three Treatment Sessions 

- 1 Consultation with photos 

- 1 Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment 

- 1 Microneedling Treatments with custom blend serum.

- 1 Nano-needling for Eyes 

- 1 Cosmetic Microcurrent Treatment  

- 5 TDP Inferred Light Treatment or LED Light therapy to boost skin

Price: $815.00
Membership options: 
In full $750.00
two payments of $400.00
monthly membership of $275 for 3 months

Gold Mine 

21 total appointments 

1 Consultation with photos 

12 Cosmetic acupuncture treatments 

3 Microneedling session 

3 Nano-needling treatment for eyes

3 Cosmetic Microcurrent treatment 

21 TDP inferred light treatment 

Price: $4565
Membership options: 
In full $4108.00
six payments of 4758.00
monthly membership of $380.00 for 12 months

Diamond Club 

42 treatments 

1 consultation with photos 

24 cosmetic acupuncture treatments 

6 microneedling treatments, with custom serum  

6 Nano-needling treatment for eyes

6 cosmetic Microcurrent treatments 

42 TDP inferred light treatment 

Price: $9080
Membership options: 
In full $750.00
12 payments of $755.00
monthly membership of $378.00 for 24 months

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