September 20, 2015

Holistic Face Tightening System

The Micro-Current Face Lift is a gentle way to lift your eyes, reduce crows feet, reduce the frown lines, define your cheek bones and enhance the shape of the face. In addition, this technology can reduce scars (including Keloid) and reduce the poor sizes.  This is a system that will tighten the skin through a non-invasive treatment with instant results.

When was the last time you went to the gym to strengthen your eyebrows?

As we age, our muscle gradually weaken. We have the ability to strengthen our body muscles, but not the facial muscles. Botox focuses on the muscle and freezes the muscle in place with botulism, a very deadly bacteria. Although, not often reported by the media, some people do not die from this injection; rather, they end up with very droopy eyes, cheeks, or lips. Some people will lose the use of their voice from an overdose of botulism based injections. However, there have been several cases of people losing their life from this dangerous procedure.

Today, there are new options! Today, we have the ability to use bio-feed back technology based off of Russian scenar developments. This device can strengthen facial muscles while stimulating the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing the biological waist that sits within the cells. This device will also reduce the puffiness of the skin; leaving fresh, soft, skin.

Chrystal Quartz 

Introduction trial 2 payment of 520 regular price $1,450 (save save $410)

One time payment of 750 

- 1 Consultation with photos 

- 1 cosmetic acupuncture treatment 

- 1 Microneedling treatments 

- 1 Micronano treatment 

- 1 cosmetic Microcurrent treatment  

- 5 TDP inferred light treatment

Gold Mine 

More advanced dedication 5 payments of 650 regular price $5220 (save $1970). 

Can break down into 9 payments of 390 

1 time payment: 2,610 

1 Consultation with photos 

12 cosmetic acupuncture treatments 

3 Microneedling session 

3 Micronano treatment 

3 Cosmetic Microcurrent treatment 

21 TDP inferred light treatment

Diamond Club 

Most advanced dedication 8 payments of 750  regular price 10,320 (save $4,320) 

Can break down into 13 payments of 500 

1 time payment: 5,160. 

1 consultation with photos 

24 cosmetic acupuncture treatments 

6 microneedling treatments 

6 micronano treatment 

6 cosmetic Microcurrent treatments 

42 TDP inferred light treatment

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