June 21, 2016


Cupping Therapy Rifle, Colorado

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Cupping is an exciting treatment that we offer at The Local Healing House to address muscular pain and internal medicine conditions. Cupping is a bit different from other traditional methods because a mark is left on the skin. The mark can last a few minutes to a few weeks.

The color of the mark reflects the medical condition that a person is facing. In cases where there is no mark, a practitioner understands that the patient is deficient and needs to be supplemented with therapy. Bodybuilders tend to have blood trapped in the muscle fibers and a darker mark would be expected on the skin to show the stagnation of the blood. If a bodybuilder showed a light (or no mark) this could reflect a potential problem. In this case, the body builder could actually be harming their muscles and they run a risk of trauma to the tendons, muscle body, or ligaments.

Cupping is a popular treatment for professional athletes. The cupping marks are views on Olympians. Michael Phelps in a commercial receiving a cupping treatment as part of a promotion for Nike. There are also cupping application for reducing wrinkles as part of cosmetic acupuncture. The Kardashian’s have promoted cupping techniques to maintain their skin. Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, Lena Dunham and many other celebrities use cupping for different reasons.

cupping skin reaction guildeCupping for Pain

The mechanism of pain is a complicated situation and often a different experience for each person. Cupping uses a negative pressure system to pull blood out of the muscle level and into the skin level. The change within the internal tissue can be enough to reduce a person’s pain. Acupuncturists often refer to this as “moving blood”. For example, when the body builder is working out the body pushes fluids, electrolytes, oxygen, proteins, and acids to the muscle. The muscle needs nutrients in order to work properly. During the process, the muscle eliminates biological waist. Do you keep trash inside your house? No… Neither does a cell. A cell will “spit out” the biological waste into the interstitial environment. If this environment does not have a strong circulation, then the body builder will have more discomfort after working out. When the cups are placed on the skin and a pump is used to lift the skin, then the negative pressure will force the body to circulate body fluids. This is why there is a mark left on the body.

For Heart-Burn

Heartburn can be a difficult condition to deal with. Many people complain that they cannot sleep and they have a hard time after eating. Cupping can help reduce the frequency of heartburn. In this situation, there is a specific point on the back that we place one cup. Most often the patient does not have a mark after this cupping experience. The reason there is no mark is based on the nature of heartburn. The person is deficient…. Where as the body builder has an excess condition.

For Beauty

Cosmetic cupping never leaves a mark. In most cases of cupping, the cup is left for 2 minutes. With cosmetic cupping, the cup is placed on the skin for less than 5 seconds. The cupping is used to break up skin adhesions that anchor the wrinkles.

Cupping is an adjunct therapy to acupuncture and medical herbs. As an oriental medicine doctor, our job is to treat the entire body, not just local issues. We are here to help the body reach its maximal potential. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.


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