May 4, 2016

Pain Relief


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Acupuncture Treatments For Pain Reduction

Do you suffer from chronic pain that makes it difficult for you to enjoy life? Do you want to find a way to reduce the amount of suffering you experience daily without resorting to pharmaceuticals or surgical intervention? If so, then you should consider visiting our Dania Beach acupuncture specialist who can help you to feel more like you did before the pain began.

Acupuncture is based on ancient medicine from the east and has continued to be refined over the centuries. In recent decades, the knowledge and use of acupuncture have begun to spread beyond the east and is now an accepted medical practice in many parts of the western world.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, is rooted in beliefs that energy flows throughout the human body in specific pathways. When a blockage to energy flow occurs, it leads to pain and other symptoms. In order to return the person to their previous state of good health, the body must correct these flow malfunctions.

Furthermore, the beliefs include that the human body wants to be healthy and have proper energy flow. Rather than being forced into correction, it simply needs guidance for self-healing to occur. One of the popular methods for doing so is acupuncture.

After our acupuncturist reviews your medical records and does a physical examination, a treatment plan will be devised by the two of you. It will likely take several visits for you to experience maximum benefits from the treatment. Depending on the severity of the trauma and how long it has been there, several months may be required.

During the treatment sessions, long, thin sterile needles are inserted into specific points on the body. These are the locations the acupuncturist has deemed blocked. The number of needles used will vary greatly depending on your situation. Once all of them are inserted, you will relax for a while in the facility. The session may only be ten or fifteen minutes or can span closer to an hour, depending on your treatment plan.

Afterwards, you may feel tired, energetic or have a surge of emotions. Everyone reacts in their own way to treatment, and yours may be different from one session to the next. Because of this, it is generally considered a good choice to have someone accompany you to the clinic and drive you home after the session is over.

You do not have to turn to drugs or surgery to get rid of your chronic pain. Instead, visit our pain management acupuncturist to assist your body in natural healing. You will be pleased with the results!


Pain Management

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