December 11, 2020

Herbal Therapy

Dr. Murphy, DAOM

Are you unhappy with your over all health? Do you want to feel more vibrant, have more energy, and have better sex? Herbal Therapy will help.

Set up a private and confidential conversation with Dr. Murphy to discuss your health goals and have a custom made health plan that includes traditional Asian herbs, American herbs, vitamins, minerals, and custom made formulas designed just for you.


Herbal therapy, the original medicine for all forms of illness, and pain.

V & M

With today’s science in nutrition, we know what the body needs.


Not all hero’s wear a cap! Sometimes, we need something a little more.

What to expect during your herbal therapy session

Dr. Murphy, DAOM, LAc. will preform a detailed interview to make sure your health goals are meet with as much proficiency as possible. Prepare to spend at least 45 minutes discussing your current health, current medications, and your goals.

Please avoid eating anything an hour before your session and please do not brush your tongue for at least 24 hours before your session. The tongue is a the map of the organ system. Dr. Murphy will want to see your tongue to confirm any findings.

Your prescription could include traditional asian based herbal therapy and formulas, vitamin, minerals, or additional therapeutic applications. Herbs and supplements cost extra outside of the therapy session.

What can be treated with herbal therapy and interventions?

Dr. Murphy’s was trained in Florida where she is considered a primary care and a physician. However, this should not be confused with a medical PCP provider. Dr. Murphy’s involved training included internal medicine and physical medicine applications. Dr. Murphy has conducted research in pain and the immune system. The most common request are:

Pain (Joint, Muscle, Neurological, Injury)

Flu, colds, headaches

Female Related Complications

Sexual Health

Energy Level


Anti Aging

Focus And Mental Health

Depression and Anxiety

Internal complications

Please Note, this is not just about taking some pills.

Herbal therapy is not about a life long commitment to drinking a formula or taking some pills. In fact, the goal is always to nourish the body so the body can become stronger and no longer need the herbal therapy.

Herbs are to help supplement a weaken state. It is our goal that all clients are able to thrive with as little intervention as possible.

What are herbs and how are they used?

There is a misconception that herbs are natural and therefor are safe. We live in a world where a frog can spit out a very natural and deadly dart. Its natural. Its deadly. Herbs are not always safe in every situation and it is important to work with an educated and experienced professional to make sure your using herbs in the safest form. Herbs are very powerful with reducing pain, stopping crams and PMS, and helping with depression and anxiety. When used properly, the are a great gift to our culture.

But what exactly is an herb? Herbs are made up of rocks, sands, animals, flower, essentially any thing found in the solar system can be used as an herb. We can consider oxygen a form of herbal therapy. Every Hospital in the United States has a department that use oxygen and even pressures to help with infections and other medical conditions. Dr. Murphy has also used maggot therapy to help with extreme wounds that could have lead to amputations.

How are herbal formulas made? A formula is a mixture of different types herbs that work together for a desired outcome. A formula can be as simple as mint, lemon, and water. Most herbal formulas are not as simple as enjoyable teas. A complex formula might have up to 15 different types of herbs. Formulas can be taken in different forms. Raw herbs are the strongest form of herbs. This is where herbs are shipped to the home in their natural state and the person add’s water and a special cooking process takes place. The water is then consumed. Some people prefer powders and granules. The herbs are cooked in the pharmacy, then baked down into a powder. The powder is then shipped to the client and the client add’s water and drinks. Some herbs come in a pill form or a tea pill and the client swallows there herbs according to the prescription.

What is the difference between herbs and vitamins? There is a great difference between herbs and vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are nutritional needs and they are easily tracked through blood work. Herbs are more closely related to a pharmaceutical application with a specific goal as the outcome. A detailed interview is required to really determine what the body needs for the best health. For example, if a 40 year old woman is losing their hair and there is no family history of hair loss, then what should be done? Perhaps, its a vitamin b issue because that lady became a vegan. Perhaps its stress and an herbal therapy can help reduce the anxiety. The difference in being a doctor and not a doctor is the next level of consideration. Maybe this lady needs to be placed on medication because their thyroid is not working properly. Being a professional within the medical system means working with your entire medical team. Dr. Murphy is more then happy to work with your medical team to order blood work, share notes, and to support you and your needs.

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