Insurance for acupuncture and massage

Did you know most insurance companies will cover acupuncture and massage? Insurance companies often pay for either 30 minutes of massage or 30 minutes of acupuncture under the benefits. Check out if you have any in-network or out-of-network insurance benefits to cover your sessions for acupuncture or massage.

Covered in-network plans

VA / Veterans

Workmen’s comp


Medicaid someone soon

Acupuncture and massage is a great way to reduce pain, but it also helps with many other conditions. We can help can neurological conditions, digestive issues, headaches, and much more. Most people seek acupuncture to help with back pain or muscle tightness. Using your insurance benefits is a right and you should utilized them. In addition, we do accept Health Insurance Save Plans. Please check your benefits because insurance companies do limit what is treated with acupuncture and massage. Low back pain is the most common treatment for both acupuncture and massage insurance coverage. However, some companies include fertility, gynecological issues, headaches, and other treatments.

The Local Healing House has been working with insurance companies for many years and we have a professional insurance biller that will make sure you get all of your benefits. Filling out a form to check your insurance does not cost anything and you will find out what you can and can not access. Just make sure to let us know if you want just acupuncture and / or massage.

Call us today to set up an appointment or fill out the form to check your benefits with your health care provider. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to heal injury and reduce pain. Acupuncture and massage can be a great tool to add to your day to day health care goals.

Most people receive great benefits from our service because we do not practice “one size fits all”. Your treatment plan will be based on you and the condition that you are facing. We often suggest 12 visits with the 6th visit to review the progress. Insurance companies also cover different modalities like cupping and electrical treatments. What is not covered? Non medically necessary services like a full body massage or a facials. Stretching, heath therapy, massage, and acupuncture are often covered. Each person has a different program so we MUST run your insurance before you come to a service. If you come to the office and plan on using your insurance, please let us know before so we can avoid any unnecessary charges.

Insurance for acupuncture and massage offered under community care providers with the VA and TriWEst

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