February 23, 2016



The Local Healing House offers Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Herbs for pain management including cupping and moxibustion.  We accept  insurance including VA and workmen’s comp. We have several different programs that we specialize in.  These programs include:

Weight-loss Program


Hormonal Balance

Pain Reduction

Addiction support

Food Therapy

Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Herbs is a complete medical system that includes a wide range of treatment including cupping and moxibustion. In Florida, we are considered Primary Care and we are also considered Acupuncture Physicians.  We treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Please contact us today to see if we accept your insurance.  If you have medical insurance, workmen’s comp, VA benefits or work for the DOT, we might be able to accept your insurance.  Please call 970-364-0003 for more information or book on line

What can TCM do for you?

Many people ask, “Why should I go to an acupuncturist?”  This question is far more complicated then people realize. Acupuncture is very much like going to an MD with some important difference.  Firstly, acupuncture can not alter DNA and we will not cure your cancer.  However, a responsible acupuncturist will work with your MD.  Your MD will prescribe life saving medication and your acupuncturist can help you with the symptoms of medical complications.  However, this is an extreme example.  Most often people will seek acupuncture for pain management.  

In the United States, most acupuncture is dedicated to pain management and woman’s health.  Other professionals in the USA focus on sports medicine, cosmetic, addition therapy, ect.  However, in China you can find acupuncturist and herbalist working on cancer floors in hospitals. In addition, Chinese professionals are specialized in organ (liver, kidney) therapy and some are specialized in dentistry. Similarly, Dr. Murphy would like to specialize in Neurological and Spinal Injury. In conclusion, acupuncture has a wide range of treatment and treatment plans for many medical conditions.

Here is one of my old ad. Some of these shots were taken back in 2012 at my first office in Dania Beach, Florida.