November 13, 2023

Holiday Deals 2023

There is a whole lot of Holiday and we are dishing out more then just Turkey!

Lets talk Deals!

If you would like to put your best “food” forward and impress all your top friends, consider getting a $100.00 gift card. Now, let’s talk some numbers and why this is a win for you. First, a treatment cost more than $100. But – the special gift cards for 2023 will host a discounted service – saving you money and making your loved ones think you paid a lot more for their gift.

Clever IDEA?

I’m absolutely convinced!

The fun does not stop there! After you get a gift packaged gift card – wrapped and ready to go, you will also get FOUR $25.00 FREE spa bucks! The spa bucks – a total of $100.00 can be used as additional gifts. The Spa Bucks will come wrapped and ready to go. – no work on your end, we did it all for you. Since we love you sooooo much, we will even give you an extra gift. Would you be surprised if it was a happy, organic Earl Gray?

We still got more for you

Have you seen our raffle? You could win a 6 month membership to The Local Healing House. Each month you can pick a massage, acupuncture, skin treatment or body treatment. You also will receive an additional 20% off enhancements, retail, and upgrades. Members also get access to members only exclusive gifts like model experience and local events. We love our members and we love to give!

We are also giving away weekly gift cards ($150-$400) to our current clients. As part of rolling out our new menu, each Friday, I will pick a winner that will receive a free gift card until the winner is announced for the 6 month membership. Your name must be registered with our company. That means, if you have not made a purchase in the past year, we will not be able to list you as a potential winner. You can simply purchase a $25.00 spa buck and be entered to win any of the give aways.

Did you see all the gifts that I am giving away in the email or social media? scroll to the bottom of this page for an update.

email posting:

Thank you for your unwavering support of my company, which has been instrumental in its growth. Some of you have been there with me from the very start when my office was nestled in a quaint, somewhat intimidating blue building in Dania Beach. I’ll always remember the day a new client called me from the parking lot, inquiring about the safety of entering the premises. Honestly, I can’t blame them for being a little skeptical; it did seem a tad sketchy back then! 😄

This marks my inaugural Holiday Event

And I’m optimistic that it won’t be as daunting as our early days in that tiny beachside office.

Throughout This week, I have an exciting daily tradition planned: I’ll be selecting names at random from our database and rewarding lucky winners with gift vouchers and complimentary enhancements. It’s my way of showing appreciation to all of you for your continued support.


I’m in the process of unveiling an enticing array of offerings, featuring a fusion of Aspen -inspired rituals with a distinct touch of Thailand. In addition, I’m diligently crafting brand-new services that draw inspiration from local traditions and the unique charm of our Colorado town. My goal is to provide you with an unparalleled and culturally rich experience that reflects the essence of our diverse influences.

Anyone that purchases gift cards or memberships during the next few weeks will be entered to win one of the 5 new services and one person will win a free 6 month membership.

Please join my Facebook page or Instagram page so you can see the drawings live during that week.

What are the give free gifts?

**** 5 free service give-a-ways $150.00  to $400.00 (to register you must make a purchase of at least $100.00 to get the free entry) services TBA on my FaceBook Page with the release of then new menu.

**** free 25.00 gift vouchers will be raffled off to anyone with a registered account

**** 1 winner will receive a free 3 month membership (to register you must make a purchase of at least $100.00)

Anyone that makes a purchase of $25.00 will receive 1 entry to win a 6 month membership. The membership will include the option of massage, acupuncture, skin or body treatments. That is worth $700.00 in services.  You must email me at office@localhealinghouse.com or call 970-363-0003 to make a purchase.

Sneak Preview of Sales for Black Friday

  1. Purchase a “buy $100 give $100. Get a $100.00 gift card and you will receive 4 free vouchers worth $25.00 towards services. The gift cards will be boxed for you so its easy to give a fun gift!
  2. Discount on monthly membership 3 month (10% off) , 6 month (15% off), or 1 year membership (20% off).
  3. Free Gift with Purchase (would you be surprised if its tea?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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