February 9, 2022

Monthly Specials for Massage and Acupuncture

Holiday 2023

Please check our page that is specifically designed to discuss the holiday specials for 2023 clicking here.

As 2023 turns into 2024 we have some HUGE changes in development. First, More hours are being added to the schedule so you can have more time to come in and enjoy our relaxing environment. Second, we are currently experimenting with a new body line! That means new treatments! We are redeveloping our basic rituals into more complex rituals with a Thai influence. We are adding on monthly memberships for massage, acupuncture, and skin. We are adding acupuncture packages and we will offer financing so our clients can get the best discounts to help them heal and recover from their injuries. We are expanding the insurance program. We are adding injection therapy with cosmetic injections and trigger point acupuncture injection therapy.

Please oh please keep checking back as we roll out the new treatments.

February Monthly Specials

Monthly Massage or Acupuncture Specials change each month at The Local Healing House. We team up with other local small businesses to bring you the best that is offered on the Western Slope at our Rifle location.

Chocolates & Roses Massage and Body Wrap

This delicious massage treatment exfoliates and hydrates the body with a Rose Champagne foot scrub and a chocolate wrap and it also includes a massage!

60 minutes for $120.00 – includes a 30 minute massage

90 minutes for $150.00 – includes a 60 minute massage

Rose Massage

Dive deep into relaxation with a full body customized massage that is curated to meet your needs with sweet rose oil and a Rose Champagne foot scrub.  Only available in February. You can make this massage even more special by adding Enhancements.

60 minutes for $100.00

90 minutes for $115.00

Raindrop Essential Oil Massage

Have exotic oils dripped along the spine to help sooth spinal compression and elongate the back.  This massage is a light treatment that focuses on the spine and joints while blending 10 different essential oils.

60 minutes for $100.00

90 minutes for $115.00


Chocolate Foot Scrub $15.00

Lavender Paraffin foot and hand wrap $30.00

Hands or just feet $15.00

Hypervolt Muscle Treatment $30.00

Acupuncture Treatment extra 30 minutes $40

Monthly Massage and Acupuncture Specials change each month so please check back often to see what we are offering. Next Month is the Luck of the Irish and we will celebrate March Specials by embracing our Irish side of massage, body treatments and acupuncture.

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