June 17, 2021

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Favorite Products For Face

When getting cosmetic skin treatments consider purchasing the items to help recover and to make your service more powerful.

Collagen Options – give your face and nails a boost!

Collagen is very important in maintaining a healthy younger look and also helps your body repair from damage. Taking a supplement everyday can help you look and feel your best. Vital Proteins Collagen is one easy way to get your needs met. Below you will find easy examples of supplements that you can take. You can also just hit the link and purchase right from Amazon. Please note the Vital Proteins water (3rd one) has three different flavors to sample. The last option is a pouch that you can add to your water called, Vital Proteins Collagen and Hydration.

Sun Protection

Keep your skin protected from the sun to prevent early signs of aging. Having an exciting life on the water is a great life, but no one wants to look 99 when they are 26. These sun care options were selected specific for our clients that are in our cosmetic skin care program. These sun blockers are designed to reduce sun exposure without risking the benefits of the micro-needling procedure.

After Care Products (Cosmetic)

Dr. Murphy will go over after care steps during your service, however, if you would like to take a little bit more control over your post care, here are some great products that Dr. Murphy likes to use.

Kneipp – for the love of the body

Dr. Murphy LOVEs LOVEs LOVEs LOVEs LOVEs LOVEs LOVEs these next few products from Kneipp. Dr. Murphy has been using the Kneipp products for a few years. At first, there was not much love until Dr. Murphy got a very bad stress headache and felt all of her muscling tightening. She used some of the Kneipp (Active Gel) and within minutes felt her neck releasing and relaxing. Since then, she has been a Kneipp fan.

Tiger Balm

Everyone knows about Tiger Balm, but do you know how to use it? We have the “hot” and the “cold” options. Each option has its own benefits. Most sore muscles will want the “hot” option. Yet, we can use the “cold” for muscles that are engorged with blood or already have too much heat associated with the injury. Below, you will find the White Tiger Balm represents cold therapy and the Red Tiger Balm is heat therapy.

Vitamins and Minerals

We need to work on the inside as much as the outside. No point is spending a ton of money on the face and let the insides sag out.

Tools that Dr. Murphy uses for self care

Detox: Liver

Detox: Kidney

Detox: Blood

Detox: Bladder

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