January 17, 2023

The Tea Shop is open

I have been working hard on the Local Tea Room and it is ready for orders! It is my hope that I can use the tea and other items to raise money to purchase a new location for The Local Healing House. Our clients deserve to have ground floor access and easy parking. So, here is a way to raise money for the community.

I started on the tea company almost a year ago. I love tea and I love herbal therapy, herbal medicine, and herbal tea’s. Tea is a great way to supplement health. Tea is also a great delight that can be enjoyed hot, cold, frozen, steaming, any way you can name – a tea can be enjoyed.

Currently, I have a large selection of loose leaf tea that I can offer:

Black Tea one of the most popular tea’s in the world

Green Tea a great tea to help the body boost naturally

Herbal Tea can be mixed for health or mixed for pleasure

White Tea very soothing and calming

Health based Tea great hair and skin is always a win

Soon, I hope to offer eco-friendly tea bags. I am starting with an Organic Classic Earl Gray and I will be posting it on Amazon to generate some attention.

In the mean time, what can you do to help the tea business?

Please join our social media pages. Thats the most important step to keep posted!

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