May 2, 2016


Do you like massage therapy or acupuncture? Did you know that most insurance companies will cover for massage therapy or acupuncture.  The Local Healing House accepts all medical insurance and workmen’s comp cases.

The Local Healing House services residence from Glenwood Springs, Rifle, and Grand Junction.  The Local Healing House provides massage and acupuncture at home, or in their office located in Rifle located in the old midland hotel at 111 E. 3rd Street #216

If a patient suffers from chronic pain, the bills can add up.  Patients need to know their rights and understand how insurance companies can help them reach their medical goals.

To find out if you are covered for Massage Therapy or Acupuncture Benefits, just  fill out this form.  It only takes about a minute to complete and we will let you know what you are covered for.

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